métallisation / metalizing


The large variety of materials that can be sprayed allows thermal projection to be used for many applications, in numerous industries, such as:

  • Protection against corrosion
  • Refurbishment after wear
  • Insulation or conductivity
  • Improve mechanical properties

One sprayed material can fulfill many functions at the same time. Note that the coating materials presented are only a small part of what we can spray.

Call one of our specialists to find the ideal coating for your project.


Carbon steels

The higher the carbon content, the harder the steel is.

Chrome steels

Very good resistance to corrosion and wear. They can be welded or sprayed.

Stainless steels

Very good resistance to corrosion and wear.

Manganese steel
(Hadfield steel)

Good resistance to wear by impact.


Anti-corrosion coating ensuring a very good preservation of steels due to galvanic protection in various atmospheric, rural or industrial environments.


Mainly used in electrical contacts due to its great conductivity.


Can be used for electrical contacts. Offers good adherence and is corrosion resistant. Also used in printing presses for ink retention.


Good resistance to wear by friction because it is self lubricating. Used for parts needing a very low friction point without lubricant. Has a high fusion temperature.


Good corrosion resistance.


Used for thick coatings as it binds strongly.


Resists to highly corrosive atmospheres at high temperatures and to chemical corrosion.


Good resistance to wear by abrasion since it is self lubricating. For parts needing a low friction coefficient without lubricant.


Coating for high temperatures. Is corrosion resistant.


Coating with a high melting point when pure.


It is used for galvanic protection. It can be applied as a coating to protect iron against corrosion in urban, rural and marine atmospheres.


Good corrosion resistance in sulfuric or acid atmospheres. Is used for internal protection of acid reservoirs.



Its high resistance makes it the material of choice for small parts subjected to wear, specially in the food industry.

Teflon: (polytetrafluoroethylene)

Good corrosion resistance. Can be applied on many coatings. Extremely low friction coefficient.


Applied on many coatings. Offers great resistance to sticking.



Thermal insulator which is resistant to high temperatures, also used for dielectric coating. Good resistance to wear and corrosion.


Wear, corrosion and high temperature resistance. Used as a thermal barrier.

Chromium Carbide

Hard coating with good resistance to high temperatures, corrosion and wear.

Titanium Carbide

Lower density than WC-Co, making it a material of choice when mass is critical. Good resistance to wear and corrosion in certain environnements.

Tungsten Carbide / Cobalt

Great resistance to wear by friction under low stresses.

Tungsten Carbide / Cobalt – Chromium

Great resistance to wear by friction under low stresses and corrosion resistance.

Chromium Oxide

Very good resistance to wear and corrosion.

Zirconium Oxide

Excellent thermal insulation. Good resistance to high temperatures and chemical corrosion.

Zirconium Silicate

Resistant to high temperatures. Used as a thermal barrier.

Calcium Zirconate

Good resistance to thermal shocks and high temperatures. Resists to corrosion from molten metals.

Magnesium Zirconate

Anti-adhesive properties and resistant to high temperatures and corrosion from molten metals.


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