The mining industry is extremely demanding on its mechanical equipment because of dirt and highly abrasive ore. On top of abrasion, there are in many industrial processes lixiviation agents that speed wear of equipment. We intervene among others on:
  • Crusher hammers
  • Ore conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Ventilators
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Shafts
  • Lixiviation vats
  • Refurbishment and/or value added to bearing and sealing journals


Refurbishment of an acid reactor

Quebec Lithium is a mining company located in the Abitibi region. It exploits a new technology for lixiviation with equipment built out of exotic materials that must resist acids, high temperatures and abrasion. Being in a remote area slows down emergency repairs.


Following a distress call, the Metallitech team looked at the project and came up with solutions to Quebec Lithium’s problems. After only one week, value-added parts were installed and in operation where it normally would have taken 20 weeks for delivery alone.


The coating applied to the reactor blades is MET-S-43, a Tungsten Carbide in a Nickel Matrix.This coating enables the material to resist extreme conditions of more than 200℃ and in contact with 90% pure sulfuric acid in this case. Furthermore, to reduce downtime, Metallitech sent a team straight to Quebec Lithium to apply a coating inside the reactor, while another team was working in our shop to weld the blades. One week after their first call, their reactor was ready for production.


Rocker arm support
Rocker arm support
Antiwear and anti-corrosion on blender blades
Antiwear and anti-corrosion on blender blades
Antiwear protection exchange
Antiwear protection exchange
Inner antiwear protection
Inner antiwear protection
Antiwear protection efficient for thermal exchange
Antiwear protection efficient for thermal exchange


plasma spray / pistolet de projection thermique par plasma
metallizing by wire arc / Métallisation par arc
metallizing by flame spray / Métallisation par projection thermique par flamme
HVOF supersonic flame supplies / HVOF projection à la flamme supersonique
HVAF High Velocity Air Fuel / HVAF Haute vitesse aire-carburant
PTA metallizing by plasma transferred arc / PTA Métallisation par arc transféré par plasma
spray welding


– Tungsten Carbide

– Chromium Carbide

– Chromium Oxide

– Chrome-Iron Alloy

– Welding deposition of

– Stainless steel

– And more…


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