Anticorrosion, a plus for the industrial sector

Anticorrosion is a real advantage for the industrial sector. Metallitech has the capability to intervene in a wide range of thermal spray applications, such as cold metallizing, steel metallizing and more. Our level of expertise can play an important role, as much for transformation as for equipment repair. We can improve or fix problems using metal coating for a variety of parts, such as friction, heat or corrosion resistance, hygiene and anti-sticking.

We specialize in value-added component enhancement, such as tungsten carbide bearing and sealing seats.

Metallization of industrial parts

We offer a wide variety of metallizing service markets. We can use our thermal spray process on a multitude of components, such as:

  • Thrust bearing
  • Mixer
  • Centrifuge
  • Flooring and working surfaces
  • Pumps Press
  • Auger screws
  • Bearing seat
  • Sealing seat
  • And more


  • Refurbishment

    Refurbishment of interior journal with “babbitt” and exterior spherical journal

  • pump impeller

    Pump Impeller

  • Ceramic on rotation joints

    Ceramic on rotation joints

  • Inversion valve

    Inversion valve

  • Anti wear on Press Screw SP100

    Anti wear on Press Screw SP100


plasma spray / pistolet de projection thermique par plasma
metallizing by wire arc / Métallisation par arc
metallizing by flame spray / Métallisation par projection thermique par flamme
HVOF supersonic flame supplies / HVOF projection à la flamme supersonique
HVAF High Velocity Air Fuel / HVAF Haute vitesse aire-carburant
PTA metallizing by plasma transferred arc / PTA Métallisation par arc transféré par plasma
spray welding


– Chromium Carbide

– Tungsten Carbide

– Babbitt

– Teflon

– Stainless Steel

And more… 

Thermal spray coating = better productivity. Find out how!