Metal coating and anticorrosion in the transportation sector

Our successful metal coating processes focused on anticorrosion bring high performance solutions in the field of transportation. We are particularly proud to offer our clients metal coating services such as “cold metallizing” and steel coating, to fight against corrosion and friction. We have a solution for every problem.

Metal coating servicing transportation

Metallitech can intervene in various situations and problematics relating to public transportation. To avoid potential skin burns from users, we suggest to use of a thermal barrier on heating units, such as:

  • Footstool (footboard) and riser
  • Suspension
  • Thermal barrier
  • Surface finish
  • Sulzer cylinder liner
  • Engine blocks


Stair edge for a public vehicle

In the public transportation sector, Metallitech addressing problems relating to passenger security: stair edges. This part is used to cover the tip of the stairs allowing passengers to climb aboard the vehicle.

Applying a tungsten carbide coating on that part, we delayed its wear and increased its lifespan while making it anti-slipping, therefore three value-added features in one application!


metalisation par projection thermique plasma / Procédé de projection thermique au plasma (projection plasma) / metallizing by plasma / Plasma spray thermal process
metallizing by wire arc spraying / arc spray thermal process / métallisation par arc / revêtement industriel / Procédé thermique ARC
metallizing by flame spraying coating / flame spray welding thermal process / métallisation par projection à la flamme / Procédé de projection thermique à la flamme
métallisation par projection thermique de type HVOF / Procédé de projection thermique à la flamme supersonique / metallizing by high velocity oxy-fuel spray / thermal spray hvof process / supersonic flame spray process for hvof welding
métallisation par projection thermique de type hvaf / Procédé de projection thermique à grande Vitesse air-carburant / metallizing by high velocity air fuel / thermal hvaf spray process / high speed air-fuel spray process for hvaf welding
PTA metallizing by plasma transferred arc / Plasma spray thermal process / métallisation par projection thermique plasma transféré / Procédé de projection thermique PTA (projection plasma)
Mettalisation by thermal spray welding coating / thermal process / weld coating / métallisation par sidérurgie


– Alumina

– Zirconium Oxide

– Chromium Carbide

– Tungsten Carbide

– Zinc

– Aluminium

And more… 

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